The Great Forests Locations of Europe

We are spoiled for choice here in the UK for lush forests but…

Just a quick flight away, you’ll find some truly jaw-dropping sites that will give you just a small idea of what Mother Nature has to offer.

If you’re feeling a little despondent with this Spring weather and considering taking a little sojourn out to the continent then look no further than these epic forest locations. If you’re flying from the North, you may as well get your flights from John Lennon and book your Liverpool airport parking, whilst you’re at it for a good deal.

Before you do that, though, take a look at these truly breathtaking locations that you could find yourself winging your way towards in a matter of days…

Black Forest, Germany

Over 34 million overnight tourist nights are spent in this famous region each year and with good reason. Covering over 6,000 square kilometres, this mountainous region is home to massive variety of coniferous and evergreen trees, blanketing the steep hills and dramatic valleys with a thick layer of green that truly arrests the eye. Whilst you’re staying in the Black Forest you’ll have access to all kinds of outdoor pursuits such as hiking, diving and other water sports.

Flights to Germany can cost as little as £80-90 for a return, book early and you could find yourself saving even more money.

Durmitor, Montenegro

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Durmitor National Park covers a vast expanse of Northern Montenegro. Terrain can vary greatly, from wide canyons to underground streams. Dense pine forests give way to gorgeous lakes and there’s a massive variety of plant life when you take a closer look at the forest floor. A hot spot for hikers and mountain bikers, this region makes for a truly dramatic getaway.

Flights might cost you a touch more and other costs might be a little higher once you’re there, but this quintessential Western Europe location is still one not to be missed.

Ordesa, Spain

Essentially comprising the Southern tip of France’s Pyrenrees; the much smaller Spanish National Park of Ordesa might be significantly dwarfed by its Northern neighbour but this doesn’t mean that its any less striking. Ordesa has the monopoly on dramatically cascading rivers and waterfalls – if you head out there in the Summer, there’s a good chance that you’ll spend more time simply relaxing in the sun and dipping your toes in the icy waters than actually enjoying the rich forests that surround the area.

Flights out to the nearby tourist hot spot of Barcelona can be as cheap as £80 in May, when temperatures are usually a balmy 20 degrees Celsius.

Triglav, Slovenia

Slovenia does not have much of a reputation for being a hive of tourism, but if more people knew about Triglav, this would be a different story. The country’s only National Park, it covers a relatively small surface area, when compared to its European familiars, around 880 square kilometres. Not only is it one of the smallest Parks, it’s also one of the oldest, being established in 1924. The centre point of the Park is the mountain from which it takes its name, Triglav is the highest point of the Julian Alps at over 2,800m and has a number of landmarks spread over it.

Flights over to Slovenia are much more expensive than any of the other destinations on this list, but the splendours of Triglav are more than worth the money.