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Writer and Researchers from Around the World…

‘We strive to seek the truth about the Environment and increase Awareness.’

Hannah Freehandle

Growing up on the green streets of modern San Frisco, environmental awareness always figured as a high priority in Hannah’s life.

Her parents, staunch activists, spent years campaigning against the development of Nuclear Arms; this left the aspiring writer with a clear direction in terms of her own career. Splitting her time between UK EcoNet and her job in a Bristol coffee shop, Hannah is still striving to live up to her parents’ reputation.

Joe Messerschmitz

 Hailing from Berlin, Joe had always dreamed of changing the world with his Punk music. However, after several years of trying, he decided that he could make more of a difference by tackling the issues head-on at street level.
Taking a pro-active approach to raising awareness about environmental issues, Joe met fellow writer Allanis whilst leafleting for Green Peace.

After finding a mutual interest in the environment, he was persuaded to move to the South of England, to continue his work.

Alannis Tokensby

Allanis had all but given up on trying to ‘save the world’. Left completely distraught from the recent Presidential Election, in addition to Britain’s exit from the EU, she felt that the world’s end was coming soon.

She bumped into Hannah and Joe at VeganFest 2016, in Bristol, and got talking about the state of the environment. Several pints later, the trio discovered they had much in common and soon UK EcoNet had another writer in its ranks.

Mary-Anne Kismet

Every team needs their realist and Mary-Anne fills that role at UK EcoNet. Her no nonsense approach to managing deadlines editorials lends the site a sense of stability and uniformity.

Mary-Anne is the only meat-eater working for the site, an issue which is often discussed at company outings and dinners. The team are always willing to put their differences aside in the name of progress though and her contributions are invaluable to the site.

Philip Newbrow

The youngest member of the team and the most idealistic, Philip often yearns for the glory days of activism. Although those days may be dead and buried, he’s happy to get stuck into the current scene; organising charity events and concerts.

Travelling throughout Europe whenever he can, Philip is hoping to spend as much time making the most of his free movement throughout the European Union, whilst he still has the chance.